Someday we will all have Jubilation

hmm it looks like the body is either Wilden or Byron. Hard to say for sure which one of them though.

I’m thinking it’s Byron - the ear looks similar and same with the hairline…

I remember them saying the discovery has a huge impact on hanna….which would make sense in the way that: she pushed the car into the river and maybe killed her best friend’s dad?? that would be pretty hard to come back from. obviously it would have an impact on aria as well but they never said one way or another that it didn’t have an effect on the other liars….


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  3. delenaswinchest answered: It looks just like Byron, but i’m saying Wilden. The evidence we have so far points towards him, not Byron!
  4. c-itylust answered: at first I thought it was Ezra
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  7. w3-were-b0rn-2-die answered: In the promo right before this, Jenna says “Everyone who saw Alison the night she disappeared is waking up dead” Byron saw her that night..
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    I think it’s Wilden because I have looked on Chad Lowe’s twitter and he has tweeted about PLL shoots for 4x05 and so on,...
  10. komorebibae answered: Its obviously Wilden, and to prove it, look at the earlobe
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  12. you--shall-not-pass answered: OMG IT’S BYRON
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    It’s wilden, there’s gonna be a new cop in town so I guess that is him
  14. whxsperlxve answered: It looks like Wilden to me
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  18. katyskisses answered: Its BYRon they both have scars on the left ear or some kind of impression! OH MY GOD!
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    I now can’t decide who it looks more like.. I still want to say Wilden!?
  24. camsaroyan answered: i hope its not byron because that will destroy aria
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